What is BiopsyPen

The scientific excellence in the BiopsyPen consortium is strengthened with the involvement of relevant industrial partners along the value chain, which, together with the user-driven need from which the project arises, ensures that the development will be steered towards a clear commercialization path. The BiopsyPen project consists of a development of a handheld diagnostic imaging device will be validated in real clinical settings by means of pre-clinical studies focused on monitoring and early-stage diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancers.

BiopsyPen exploits the expertise of all the involved consortium partners which include mature technology platforms, advanced insight and intellectual property about the specifics of OCT based on integrated optics and deep knowledge of OCT imaging technology to overcome the aforementioned challenges.

BiopsyPen will integrate most of the optics on a special silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide chip that is optimized for OCT and provides a unique combination of low loss, low polarization dependency, advanced functionalities (modulators, photo detectors etc.), small footprint and low fabrication costs that cannot be offered by any other integrated optics technology.