First Review Meeting

October 15th, 2014

The first Review Meeting took place on October 15 in Brussels, Belgium. The Commission was assisted by Prof. Peter Rolfe and Dr. Herbert Venghaus, independent experts acting as reviewers of the project.
The objectives of the review were, in particular, to establish:

  • The degree of fulfilment of the project work plan;
  • The continued relevance of the objectives and breakthrough potential with respect to the scientific and industrial state-of-the-art;
  • The management procedures and methods of the project;
  • The beneficiaries’ contribution and integration within the project;
  • The necessity of the resources that the contractors have employed;
  • Whether costs incurred by the project are economic and necessary for its implementation;
  • The expected potential impact in economic, competition and social terms.

It was recognized by the commission that the main achievement was a prototype of BiopsyPen device assembled by Medlumics and presented at the meeting. The consortium has received very positive feedback on the development of the project. It was in particular pointed out that the team

  • Was able to demonstrate the technology in a working prototype
  • Has a strong focus on commercialization
    • Demonstrated good quality of presentations;
    • Demonstrated good image processing and analysis made within the WP5;
    • Demonstrated innovations in technologies of fabrication of active semiconductor components.