12th month technical meeting of the consortium

October 16th, 2014

On October 16th, the 12th month technical meeting of the consortium took place in Brussels (Belgium). Results achieved by each partner have been discussed, along with the challenges experienced in the project and their solutions. The consortium worked on revision and update of a work plan for the second year which required minor changes due to deviations and delays accumulated during the first year of developments.

Main achievements in this period:

  • A new architecture of OCT engine integrated on chip was implemented;
  • A platform for integration of light sources on chip has been developed and technologies for fabrication of active semiconductor devices were modified to enable further integration;
  • Novel micromechanical devices have been proposed for integration and batch fabrication of lateral scanning;
  • Image enhancement methods have been developed to provide a resultant image with better SNR and perceived quality within the definition and implementation of the BiopsyPen system;
  • A first prototype of the device has been presented.